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Copyright Caliph*

permalink   Sat, Sep 1, 2012 @ 6:45 AM
Copyright Caliph* (No vocals supplied)
by Hamish Darby
Creative Commons 1.0 Universal dedication. All rights waived.

*(The term ‘caliph’ is used in the same lyrical sense as media mogul, dictator of distribution, oligarchs of origination and so forth. no offence to the wider abrahamic family intended)

Inspired by stirring public domain song

The caliph gets richer
common man gets the picture
a contracted percentage
each track drives in a new wedge.
portraits of him show indecent paint
He takes the strain from constraint
Boop Boop Boohoo!

Morality has fallen
the forefathers are calling
‘Freedom’ is just a highway
and ‘Liberty’ a bell
when law protects what gangsters have
and lets the artist starve
Boop Boop Demur!

To speak of the outrage
give me the courage
it may split the campaign
so hold fast like Lincoln
the caliph must ditch
justice for the rich
Boop Boop Reform!