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...ant to preserve metadata and images, the best way is to add them as flac files. plus, you can add links to the bandcamp site in you
...ter community sound database as ed pick ripe, but still listen to taira tairovic - na jednu noc. a song from the brother people. as
review of 'i see clear' by 'radioontheshelf' as you say very medatative. i feel thoroughly soothed![up][/up]
...ogical thinking and data.
review of 'melodic techno' by 'apoxode' cool track! i recommend putting the creative commons license info in the metadata on your archive...
...p3's are in the metadata -- just copy the url and paste it in your browser. another idea is to go to the page of the sample via "rem
...cks dam near out of data limit this month, cant even rem uploading a track last week im going to see the witch doctor and beg for no
...ike i am a data junkie.
...tery. clam [am] chordata and chordify [c] keep reading the whole track [f] as 'db' for some [am] reason, otherwise i would [c] play
review of 'data boot' by 'doxent zsigmond' cool funk. [up][/up]
review of 'data boot' by 'speck' very cool. (i like those long bass notes.)
review of 'seven, up and out' by 'kara square' trippy! puredata is certainly intriguing... [up][/up]
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