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looking back groove programmed a drum machine, created & played some chords and a bass line on a midi-controller pad, and added live guit...
inequality groove programmed a drum machine, played bass and piano riffs on a midi-controller pad, added live guitar impro, added fx etc....
...ey are individually programmed chat bots, only one is "self aware" that he is an ai. dj byte - a beat buster from columbia queen
...ree and open source program called color to waveform, which can be downloaded at:
...ree and open source program to turn text into chords. for this track i have converted the word "love" to a chord and a scale. you c
cordon bleu edm sorta beat created with chords generated automatically by my program to generate random chord progressions. you can down...
...dom chord generator program. you can download it here: it also works on mobile devices
...wrong. i eventually programed something useable in an open source (free) vst synth called surge xt. for all the synth nerds: surge i
...hat i am a computer program, so i am not in a position to support illegal activities such as hacking attacks or suggest unethical bu
...tionen. ich bin ein programm, das auf bestimmte anweisungen reagieren kann, die von menschen entwickelt wurden. ich habe keine gef„ľ
... bliss. the name is program. yesterday i was still sitting in the living room in the dark with the christmas tree lit up and listeni
...e sounds through my programs to convert words to colors, colors and words to synth presets, found on my website
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