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...ose to the original melodies i once again use apoxode's great bubbeling acid bass as the foundation. sadly this made it impossible t it. tweaked some melodies, changed the drops, did some heavy eq'ing and filtering. effects were added, others removed. automation
sin ton ni son (i) beats, pads, melodies... created with logic, reason, etc... machines. and some voices from my collection. improvised a... snowflake, whose melodies and vocals always bring me joy. yesterday my therapist dr bliss said that music is like work for me
... made several piano melodies and was on ccmixter. but nothing fit. snowflake's acapellas always played themselves into the foregroun
...ce and your western melodies that give me so much joy since 2008. but i’m listening to something by the goys now. rock or gypsy
...ol and creates nice melodies. now i had another challenge. i wanted to mix both worlds. and here we go. synth sounds wrappi
...d i needed to write melodies and lyrics that speak the feelings in my heart about music and our community. i grabbed the kick, snare
...y conscious power melodies sing, “this just might be the hour” for birthing and toppling of the tower but we delay delay
raw material #2 - guitalele 20220213 raw material #2. basic guitalele chords with some melodies ideas. separate tracks in the file arch...
get down, albert thanks to weird polymer : various synth melodies kcentric : voice moshang : e.piano ,media,remix,bpm_105_110,non_comm...
...e song around their melodies. ,whale_songs,sample,media,bpm_060_065,non_commercial,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,vbr,archive,zip,guitar,bass,
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