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gurdonark review of "living stereo" i like this. very nice. the found lyrics are very good. "made possible only through years of researc...
gautch review of "living stereo (1958)" [quote] thanx[/quote] ditto!
hepepe review of "living stereo (1958)" thanx review of "living stereo(2005)" i dig it. excellent work man.
cezary ostrowski review of "living stereo(2005)" hi, teru ! long time no hear :) i like the oldie sound of it.
fourstones review of "living stereo(2005)" wow, teru, this is tremendous.
ashwan review of "living stereo(2005)" love it. isn't "the living hand" a great song title? this living hand john keats (1795-1821) this living hand, now war
...ariachis and niggaz living peacefully side by side. dope stuff man. gratz.
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