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review of 'government cheese' by 'stellarartwars' reminds me of frank zappa, very entertaining and offbeat
review of 'government cheese' by 'doxent zsigmond' this made me google for the title and never thought it could really exist. unfortunate...
review of 'fine print' by 'speck' really well stated. of course as long as government caters to big money things will never be in favor o...
...low with either the government or the "music" industry these days. much better to shell out a hundred quid or so each for a ticket,
...ement, the level of involvement. i like it a lot. a lot more than the commonplace 'comeonbabyallnightlong' lyrics it houses. management and governments team up to kill the party spirit at the same time as fleecing the punter for every penny they're wor
...ood. unreal's poppy involvement in the middle fits in really well and hearing serenity sing for the first time was a pleasant surpri
...m you. as for my involvement, i love the call and answer bits on the organ and piano. we seem to have a feel for one another tha
...s are truly global, governments waste so much taxpayer money yet they try to squeeze every last penny from hardworking people and tu
review of 'toms music involvement' by 'colab' whoa. the backing track kicks so many kinds of ass it's not even funny. excellent. one i...
...ed rescue by those "government people", the one...well, as panu would say.."some dogs best lef' settin on the porch". which is
...clothes would carry government warnings! very funky and a tad nice too!
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