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...ere you'll find our friend, scomber, it's true.
review of 'branching out (secret mixter)' by 'snowflake' i always get a buzz in secret mixters too my friend, and now especially seeing y...
...lm!! soulful mix my friend.
...rally. you and your friend work together very well, the guitar and piano work together seamlessly. the bass is pretty nice too.
...this finds you well friend! 😁
review of 'old friend' by 'dimensional_pulse' hi!, your track is featured among others from on my internet music station [ur...
review of 'e.sox feat. malcolm lovett - don't let friends' by 'dimensional_pulse' this is to inform you your track is featured among othe...
...eaking brilliant my friend!!!
...lf at the ocean, my friends playing music, the smell of the saltwater and the sand, the sun setting perhaps. . . .lovely.
...finding a long-lost friend.
...he return of an old friend. how truly lovely your words are, and your performance create imagery ringing in my heart.
review of '(1)' by 'sackjo22' vidian! great to dance with you again my friend!
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