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drum bass and scratch
by Apoxode
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Sat, Jan 6, 2024 @ 3:38 PM
permalink   Tue, Jan 30, 2024 @ 1:14 AM
“sloppy and weak” more like organically grown cut chemistry 😎 it sets it apart from using music loops and I enjoyed the live play.

I can’t attach my music video for “Drum Dread Drama” to the reporting page, it gives me this error: There was an error reaching the page:
There was an error trying to validate the web address. Test it in your browser to make sure. (Gorey details…
Error: cURL could not retrieve the document, error 60.
permalink   Apoxode Fri, Feb 2, 2024 @ 10:56 AM
Hi coruscate,
Thank you so much for your encouragement and support!

Am I reading this right - you made a video for septahelix’s remix and when doing a trackback you got an error?
If so, I believe that bug has been fixed, I recently got a trackback notice for something I did.
Would you mind trying it again and letting me know? Thx :)
permalink   coruscate Fri, Feb 2, 2024 @ 2:13 PM
Absolutely multi-so in a bit and will follow up here in a bit
permalink   coruscate Sat, Feb 10, 2024 @ 9:38 AM
Hey, it’s a little late with this follow-up but it still doesn’t work. I still get the same error.

That is the link.

Tomorrow I will be uploading a new video to go along with the secret mixter, Of course, I don’t expect the problem to be fixed by then. I’m just saying I’m probably going to be making this a regular feature of my contributions here one way or the other.
permalink   Apoxode Sat, Feb 10, 2024 @ 10:57 PM
Dang. Okay, we’ll be able to figure this out one way or another.
It’ll take some doing, especially since we thought it was one and done.
Sorry about that, coruscate, we’ll get to the bottom of it.
permalink   mwic Wed, Feb 14, 2024 @ 12:51 PM
Trackback is fixed and should be available here now:
permalink   coruscate Wed, Feb 14, 2024 @ 2:57 PM
It does appear to be fixed. Awesome! I will try adding the video I just made recently for secret mixter….
permalink   mwic Thu, Feb 15, 2024 @ 6:42 AM
Quote: coruscateIt does appear to be fixed. Awesome! I will try adding the video I just made recently for secret mixter….

I should have said “this particular trackback is fixed”. Videos from unusual domains are still being filtered/blocked by the interface.

The workaround (for now) is that one of the admins can add this for you if you reply here with the details.
permalink   coruscate Mon, Feb 26, 2024 @ 10:58 PM
Hi, I have made a music video for Apoxode’s Nucelar Role song.
permalink   Apoxode Tue, Feb 27, 2024 @ 10:11 AM
Fantastic video — I was thinking it would be mega-rapid cuts and distortions, so I was surprised with the pacing, but not disappointed.
Definitely promote that bad boy in the Pluggy Plugs :)
Thank you so much, coruscate, I appreciate your work :)
permalink   coruscate Tue, Feb 27, 2024 @ 1:31 PM
Thank you and I appreciate all your thoughtful reviews. I had initially thought about doing it as a rapid fire pacing, but that would either require about 200 still images just to keep pace moderately or very long videos which i would have to speed up. So I decided to go a little bit simpler. I mixed aesthetics and definitely aimed for multiple vintage time periods, mostly 1940-1990 but I threw a screwbar in there a few times with 1860 🤣

Second screwball was putting nuclear reactors into this 😜

This technology I’m using has a lot more potential ahead of it… I guess that’s a nice way to say it’s not quite there yet, but it’s fun to play with.
permalink   Kara Square Wed, Feb 28, 2024 @ 11:45 AM
Hey coruscate! Regarding trackbacks… I just approved your video trackback for Ben. If you do the trackbacks like that — with YouTube links, they’ll work without any issues. Plus, they’ll have the video embedded on the page that way. (When we do mwic’s admin trick to make it work, no video preview is displayed.)

So I would recommend using YouTube links for trackbacks if possible. I went ahead and added a trackback for Apoxode’s mix.

Please note, when you do a trackback, an admin has to approve it manually. So if ever you’ve done a bunch and they haven’t shown up, hit me up and I’ll approve them.

Also… thank you for making videos and sharing ccMixter music! That’s awesome!