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Playlist: Long Techno+ Loops x128,39 bpm

Long Techno+ Loops x128,39 bpm
created by tonux_gix Wednesday, December 20, 2017 @ 8:11 AM
Few long looped subtracks. We generate them with Deicsonze, VAM or ZynAddSubFX synths in Muse-sequencer and pump them with few manipulations in Ardour. Basic tempo parameters are: 128.39 BPM (beats/min.). We use this line for pieces like these: or:

This track can be used in modern electronic music and other musical categories such as free forms like live dj-sets or jazz-like compositions etc. Instrumentalists or vocalists can use it as a background for own pieces since this material are premastered and ready for use. We release this source-track under Creative Commons Zero Universal License ( which allows copying, modifying, distributing and performing commercial use of derivative artworks, all without asking permission. Of course, we would be very glad to hear such pieces.