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Playlist: Future Begins

Future Begins
created by tonux_gix Friday, April 24, 2015 @ 8:52 AM
These are two lines from our collection in the bass and middle diapason. We generate them with Deicsonze, VAM or ZynAddSubFX synths in Muse-sequencer and pump them with few manipulations in Ardour. Basic tempo parameters are: 122.32 BPM (beats/min.) or ΒΌ=0,49 sec. (981,033355134/490,516677567/245,258338783/122,629169391/61,2… ms (milliseconds:). We use these parts for chilly pieces like this ‘Future Begins’:

These tracks can be used in modern electronic music and other musical categories such as free forms like live dj-sets or jazz-like compositions etc. Instrumentalists or vocalists can use it as a background for own pieces since 4,5 min long tracks are premastered and ready for use. We release these source-tracks under Creative Commons Zero License which allows copying, modifying, distributing and performing commercial use of derivative artworks, all without asking permission. Of course, we would be very glad to hear such pieces.

Video link: …We wasn’t going to invent any new music styles. We just recorded soundtrack for screencaptured video from our absolutely crazy project - 3d interactive enviro ‘Nux’. We’re just a few creative individuals and we started our first collabs from common grafity painting and experimental music before starting Nux project….