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She then lay down between my legs, her head facing my crotch. She licked my balls and the underside of my cock, then my balls again, taking first one, then the other in turn into her mouth, gently rolling them, tickling them with her tongue. Holding them up she licked beneath my balls almost down to my crack, then up again. By now my cock had hardened and was lifting up off my stomach. Linda grasped it and held it up as she licked its length. Kneeling up she took the head into her mouth and sucked on the tip all the while fondling my balls with her free hand. Dribbling spit down my cock she lowered her head and took more into her mouth until reaching the back by her throat, sucking on it she lifted her head until it popped free.”Sorry, Ted, but I’m not a deep throat girl. No way I can get all this in my mouth Live Sex .”“I have no complaints about what you’re doing”, I said with a smile Sex Cam .Linda returned to bobbing her head up and down my shaft fitting what she could then holding my cock as she licked up and down the length. She grasped my cock with two hands and slid her hands up and down several times before returning to kissing and licking and teasing me with flicks of her tongue under the tip. Grasping my balls and giving a bit of a squeeze she looked at me.”I want this load all in my mouth. I want to feel your cum hitting my throat. I want to taste you and savor your semen. Don’t warn me, just shoot that load when ready.”Then Linda began sucking and bobbing on my cock while stroking what didn’t fit in her mouth. Faster and harder she sucked, licked, down, up, sucking, then…my balls tightened and I came. Large spurts of come flooding her mouth. She swallowed, but some escaped, she swallowed again trying to keep up with the surge as I grunted and spurted a third time. She sucked the remainder from me, squeezing my cock as if she could wring more from me, then licking any that has escaped, ensuring she got every drop. Then she sat up and looked at me.
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