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Sat, Jan 31 2:46 AM phasenwandler review of Like Music (cdk Mix) by cdk
Absolutely love it. Thanks for remixing me.
Fri, Apr 6 2:14 PM phasenwandler review of Play A Song by CSoul
Reminds me of an oriental bazaar I experienced a few years ago when I spent my s...
Sat, Dec 17 9:56 AM phasenwandler review of Stille Nacht by Admiral Bob
Every year when Christmas is getting closer there's that one special moment when...
Mon, Oct 3 11:55 PM phasenwandler review of Forest Of Dreams (cdk Club Mix) by cdk
wow, i didn't expect your remix coming that soon. really enjoyed it, especially ...
Sun, Jun 5 4:28 AM phasenwandler review of So Sweet by Benjamin Orth
great piece of punk rock. as loveshadow said, the halftime section is really bri...
Fri, May 6 1:45 PM phasenwandler review of In Loving Care PB-version by PBDoetMee
Wonderfully beautiful treatment of LittleMystic's voice. Your passion for music ...
Fri, May 6 1:11 PM phasenwandler review of ***Snowfall In May*** by Loveshadow
Monumental track! Great collaboration between you and Zep - you both did an amaz...
Fri, May 6 12:56 PM phasenwandler review of Ear Comes To Snow by Zep Hurme
You did a great job, here. Outstanding remix!
Fri, May 6 9:00 AM phasenwandler review of Inferno is a place on earth by Hans Atom
Great remix! I wished god had given only half as much rock'n'roll to me as he ob...
Tue, May 3 2:16 PM phasenwandler review of Dyeing by Benjamin Orth
Masterpiece! If this was playing at my local church, I would definitely visit th...
Thu, Apr 28 2:02 AM phasenwandler review of Orchestrated With Love! by Steven M Bryant
Nice rock opera! Immediately reminded me of Meat Loaf, too :)
Mon, Apr 25 12:15 PM phasenwandler review of From Nests they Fall. by Loveshadow
wonderful piece of music. thank you for the download advice.
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