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Reviews left by marcinn

Fri, Mar 1 3:40 PM marcinn review of Ode To A Loved One by Javolenus
Wow! I've just dug a pearl! This track reminds me great times of new romantic er...
Sat, Dec 29 9:39 AM marcinn review of MisSing You by Cezary Ostrowski
love this psychedelic trip hop, very well done Pozdrawiam serdecznie :)
Sat, Dec 29 9:22 AM marcinn review of Liberty Road by Doxent Zsigmond
nice work and great mastering
Sun, Jun 26 10:14 AM marcinn review of Where Are You Now? by dotjot
oh, my lovely 80's! very, very good job!
Sun, Jun 26 10:06 AM marcinn review of recommencer by Javolenus
very good, hypnotic mix
Sun, Jun 26 9:55 AM marcinn review of elanducoer by Javolenus
very interesting guitars nice corresponding with vocal and other instruments
Fri, Jan 14 1:03 PM marcinn review of love Divine by mdp
it sounds for me like another song from Depeche Mode album - A broken frame AD 1...
Fri, Jan 14 12:51 PM marcinn review of September by salvosuper
I agree with colab. Btw there is very nice pad, made with lfo?
Fri, Jan 14 12:47 PM marcinn review of Changes by ken_k
at the beginning I was afraid about the bass but now I know it very nice corresp...
Thu, Jan 6 1:23 PM marcinn review of Quueniemusic - The Forest of Dreams by DCMsc
the beginnig sounnds for me like a X-perience - never ending dream. nice work
Thu, Jan 6 1:06 PM marcinn review of Reveling Pitx by texasradiofish
as usual perfect guitars
Sun, Jan 2 10:55 AM marcinn review of Subway by mindmasher
cold sound, I like it, great production
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