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Smithereen (k1000mazal):

Smithereen (k1000mazal)

About Me
Smithereen is an original comedic web series created and directed by David Simmons.
Named for its main character, Carl Smithereen; Orlando’s number one News Reporter, Smithereen delivers a humorous alternative to the commonly stiff news cast. Carl Smithereen is well known for his willingness to do or say anything to keep his station’s number one rating, and his outlandish methods of news delivery break the boundaries of conventional news reporting.
Touted the greatest reporter in all the world, Carl’s natural charm and unyielding confidence keep viewers tuned in, curious as to what he will do next. Unfortunately for Carl, the world is not altogether ready to accept his dramatic antics with open arms and he must learn to adapt to the world around him, or suffer the consequences. With his loyal team of reporters at his side, Smithereen promises to bring you all the news…all the time.
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