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Reviews left by DustRed

Wed, May 4 2:09 AM DustRed review of LOVESONG by curious
Nothing wrong but too regular 4 me. But good. I am with Hepepe on this one. ...
Wed, May 4 1:42 AM DustRed review of TO JA - Wuszu feat. Masia (beat.Wuszu) by wuszu
Like the chorus, Agree mix needs a little eq work with the vocal backing mix. If...
Wed, May 4 1:28 AM DustRed review of Castle Of Serenades by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Nice work. I think the drum roll is sitting a little to far back. Good behind vo...
Wed, May 4 1:14 AM DustRed review of Ser Livre by Hip Hop Mandando Fechado em Saude e Sexualidade
yeh dig this. Also looks like intelligent material which always beats the gangst...
Sat, Feb 19 2:52 PM DustRed review of Girl and Supergirl by DeBenedictis
mmm such a nice voice.
Thu, Feb 17 11:18 PM DustRed review of dislocation by SLLID
your more than welcome to dude. :0)
Tue, Feb 15 12:56 PM DustRed review of DC 3000 - Thievery Corporation by WIRED Magazine CD
This is really well mixed & produced. i like it :0)
Sun, Feb 13 11:10 PM DustRed review of Valsinha by Gerador Zero
Yeh like the emotion in this track. Be great listening on a long train trip.
Sun, Feb 13 11:05 PM DustRed review of No Meaning No (Egosentrifug Remix) by Egosentrifug
I'm surprised you haven't had more feedback on this. Like the industrial feel of...
Sun, Feb 13 11:03 PM DustRed review of No Stars by BeatPharaoh
I like the guitar in the intro. Would be good for you to work on when it goes to...
Sun, Feb 13 10:58 PM DustRed review of Arrebite - No meaning no (Egyptian Atomic Samurai Dog mix) by Arrebite
Something about this reminds me of early prodigy. Overall not a bad remix. I thi...
Sun, Feb 13 10:49 PM DustRed review of No - X-Club - adub Remix (voxDelay) by Andrew Wright
nah your right Teru. Guys you may or may not do this already. But try running yo...
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