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Mon, Nov 15 5:46 AM CoffeeTrim review of Arabian Hip-Hop by Blake
Great work, please mix a nice pella on this!
Fri, Nov 12 9:33 AM CoffeeTrim review of Where did the love go (Trim & Pun Magic Lamp Mix) by pun
@J.Lang: Hi j. thanx for commenting! Actually we have a machine that can handle ...
Fri, Oct 22 5:09 AM CoffeeTrim review of NASA - Trim & Pun Back 2 NY Remix - by pun
Thanx for your feedbacks guys, we really appreciate!
Sun, Jul 11 3:52 AM CoffeeTrim review of Got 2 Rock (Trim & Pun Re-edit) by pun
Ehm, I accidentaly reccomended myself, sorry guys :|
Thu, Aug 14 2:54 AM CoffeeTrim review of Where I Stand by Alex077
What a sweet mix, impressive, well done!
Wed, Aug 13 4:03 AM CoffeeTrim review of Having Trouble Remembering by DoKashiteru
Yeah, sounds like this beats inspired Brad to write this song... everything is p...
Wed, Aug 13 3:57 AM CoffeeTrim review of In Love by Darkroom
Gosh, I am speechless, LOVELY!
Wed, Aug 13 3:53 AM CoffeeTrim review of The Vinyl Countdown (Sample) by Scott Altham
Damn i'd love having that sample too... a cut here and there and you bring out s...
Tue, Aug 12 2:15 AM CoffeeTrim review of Walk and Pop by teru
Interesting interpretation, definely out of the box. Great mix as always.
Tue, Aug 12 2:06 AM CoffeeTrim review of Ya Llegó (Transm Remix) by Tobi
Digging up this one, a genuine radio mix indeed! Basslines rocks, cool.
Mon, Aug 11 12:41 PM CoffeeTrim review of Buddhahood by MC Jack in the Box
Cool interpretation, I really like the rock taste and percussions. Vocal fits n...
Mon, Aug 11 12:33 PM CoffeeTrim review of A Little Dirty (Casui Rmx) by casui
Charming sounds, great mixing. I love this prod, you managed reaching the right ...
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