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Tue, Feb 13 2:52 AM coruscate review of Double Dutch (Dubstep badass) by Chandan Boruah
Tue, Sep 21 11:43 AM mo┬┤zart review of Kripaa by Chandan Boruah
This is the bomb. like adam. ps. funny how hiphop works around the world it is c...
Wed, Jul 8 12:41 PM Convertor review of Kripaa by Chandan Boruah
This track had me from the start, love the way it got me swayin'.
Tue, Jul 7 6:20 PM Apoxode review of Kripaa by Chandan Boruah
Great energy in this track, any chance you can split up the instrumental more, I...
Thu, Jul 4 3:45 PM Apoxode review of I Be the Nature by Chandan Boruah
Please submit your stems in a different format other than .wv -- FLAC is best. ...
Mon, Mar 4 11:14 AM Apoxode review of Mur Karone Roba by Chandan Boruah
I'm having trouble identifying and translating the lyrics. What language are you...
Mon, Jul 30 9:04 PM Soulgasm review of Put Your Hands Up (Dubstep Version) by Chandan Boruah
Your track is great´╗┐!
Mon, Apr 9 6:57 AM rightClk review of Jaan by Chandan Boruah
I'm always a little hesitant to review songs in a language I don't understand, b...
Mon, Jan 22 9:54 AM Kara Square review of My Apocalypse v3. by Chandan Boruah
Intense electro. Heavy and raw. Hella cool.
Thu, Dec 28 11:47 AM Kara Square review of Remember The Name [ Dubstep Mix] by Chandan Boruah
BOOM! Killer mix, Chandan!
Thu, Sep 14 2:14 AM Abstract Audio review of Gett Up Funk Mix by Chandan Boruah
Yep loving the drive of this one! You sure know how to create a high energy driv...
Thu, Sep 14 2:01 AM Abstract Audio review of Misa Kotha by Chandan Boruah
Nice short work. Liking the distorted pluck sounds
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