Branching Out Secret Mixter
Sat, Nov 15 6:17 AM Features :: New Feature: "Remix Me!"
If you are logged in you should see a "Remix Me!" menu item over on the left. (F...
Thu, May 29 9:52 AM DIY :: Lets talk about Sex! oh, um, I mean RMS!!!
there also the har-bal PDF on mastering which could be useful - thanks tapsa.
Mon, Aug 20 10:57 AM Announcements :: DJ Vadim Album Released Under CC
sorry, fixed
Mon, Aug 20 1:25 AM Announcements :: DJ Vadim Album Released Under CC
No contest, no prizes, no muss, no fuss... just the Sound Catcher album availabl...
Mon, Aug 20 12:32 AM Help :: New to ccMixter?
ccMixter member spinmeister has written up a couple of extremely useful articles...
Thu, Aug 9 1:49 AM Announcements :: Call for Loop Cutters
We're looking for some expert loop cutters (volunteers) for some new hot tracks ...
Mon, Jun 18 11:56 PM Bugs :: typo
er, thanks
Mon, Jun 18 11:07 AM Announcements :: Salman Ahmad Magnatune Remix Contest
As a founder of one the most popular music groups in the world, Salman Ahmad has...
Sat, Mar 31 1:02 PM Announcements :: New DJ Vadim Vocals Released
Due to a technical problem the melody vocals were not originally released as par...
Sat, Mar 31 12:59 PM Announcements :: DJ Vadim Remix Contest
Fri, Mar 30 11:13 PM Bugs :: possible aesthetic bug
thanks, ok should be ok now
Thu, Mar 29 6:21 PM Help :: Questions about creative commons
Hey Grimm, questions about licenses are covered here.
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