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Alex (AlexBeroza):

Reviews left by Alex

Sun, Aug 23 3:51 AM Alex review of We See the Dreams by Rewob
Very nice mix Is there a chance of uploading the instrumental(no vox and guita...
Sat, Jun 27 10:25 AM Alex review of I Am a Man by SackJo22
Great instrumentation and the mix Spot on! Love it! If it's not a not a big t...
Thu, Oct 3 11:47 AM Alex review of another perspective by panu
Sun, Sep 29 12:42 AM Alex review of Tiny Spaceships by Hans Atom
Fantastic mix Hans
Wed, Jul 24 4:06 AM Alex review of Hang Low by Zep Hurme
DJ Zep is doing great Any chance for stems maybe?
Thu, Jul 4 10:25 PM Alex review of START A FIRE by ScOmBer
Yep, nice! Very nice Thanks for the remix man!
Sat, Jun 29 3:00 AM Alex review of What It Means by Apoxode
Just found this by the accident. Strangely enough, I don't get notified about be...
Sun, Jan 20 5:24 AM Alex review of fall together pell by panu
It's a very beautiful song!
Sat, Oct 20 11:24 PM Alex review of Failling by Bluemillenium
Great soundscape! I'm feeling it! Thanks
Fri, Jun 15 5:11 AM Alex review of Le jardin by Bluemillenium
Very smooth blend indeed!I like your additions a lot! Beautiful work Proud to ...
Sun, Jun 11 10:41 AM Alex review of Come Home by Stefan Kartenberg
Sat, Feb 11 6:57 AM Alex review of A Moment of Clarity by Bluemillenium
Very very nice! Great vocal treatment! Love the melodies through out the mix Pr...
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