The freesound project & ccMixter

The freesound project is an independent audio sample collection website that uses Creative Commons licensing to share 10,000s of sample for use in audio works. Think of this way: freesound is to samples as ccMixter is to remixes. (The freesound project and its website are not associated with Creative Commons or ccMixter. We just like 'em a whole lot.)

Sound Designers

While ccMixter accepts sample uploads, it's not our specialty so we strongly encourage sound designers to consider uploading to freesound. Your samples will still be available for remixing here and you'll get 100% of the same attribution for every remix that is uploaded here. We even keep track of who's remixed you...


The Creative Commons Sample Pool just grew by over 20,000 samples thanks to the freesound project and ccMixter working together to act as one big sample and remix consortium.

Here are the steps to use the two sites together:

  • Create an account at the freesound project web site.
  • Browse and download from the 50,000+ samples found there. (Make sure to note which artists and samples you actually used in your project.)
  • Create a remix using those sounds and mix in your own sounds and any other Creative Commons licensed or otherwise legally safe samples.
  • Create an account here at ccMixter.
  • Upload your remix here at ccMixter using the Submit Remix form. In that form you can search through the "freesound" sample pool for the samples you used.