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There is no reality (Orange Pill) (2k24)

uploaded: Fri, Jun 7, 2024 @ 4:21 AM
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Something I wanted to do for quite some time is taking at look at some of my older songs and see if I can improve them. And then here is the Deep Roots Event. It reminded me this morning of my song There is no reality (Orange Pill) - which is based on Kara Square’s vocal of a dream. Here we go. :)

Instead of creating a fully new remix I just did some polishing. The whole mix is balanced better now and way clearer. I added some more vocal snippets and used sidechaining on two instruments to give them more groove.

Hope it is ok that I uploaded it to be part of the Deep Roots, even though it does not use the new samples and it just a polished version of an existing song.

"There is no reality (Orange Pill) (2k24)"
by musikpirat

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