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KCentric Klipz 2

uploaded: Fri, Nov 14, 2008 @ 6:22 PM
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Here are a few of my outtake snippets and one liners to add to the CC party.

Feel free to experiment with them as you like!


Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /KCentric Klipz 2/Can U Hear Me Now .wav (392.75KB)
  • /KCentric Klipz 2/Dat New .wav (303.40KB)
  • /KCentric Klipz 2/DJ Love .wav (911.04KB)
  • /KCentric Klipz 2/DJ Love 02 .wav (702.43KB)
  • /KCentric Klipz 2/Funky Muzik.wav (529.36KB)
  • /KCentric Klipz 2/Get Down .wav (769.73KB)
  • /KCentric Klipz 2/It Aint Funky 01 .wav (362.98KB)
  • /KCentric Klipz 2/Key 2 Life.wav (806.17KB)
  • /KCentric Klipz 2/Ladies and Gentlemen.wav (796.14KB)
  • /KCentric Klipz 2/Me and My DJ .wav (551.03KB)
  • /KCentric Klipz 2/Needle on the Record 01.wav (313.79KB)
  • /KCentric Klipz 2/Ooh Ahh 02.wav (414.71KB)
  • /KCentric Klipz 2/Pump It Up 01 .wav (190.42KB)
  • /KCentric Klipz 2/Spanish Fly 01.wav (884.97KB)
  • /KCentric Klipz 2/Spanish Fly 02.wav (1,011.50KB)
  • /KCentric Klipz 2/Thank You.wav (827.88KB)
  • /KCentric Klipz 2/This Jam Is So Hot.wav (502.16KB)

"KCentric Klipz 2"
by KCentric

2008 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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