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Aun Muertos Viviran

uploaded: Wed, Nov 3, 2010 @ 5:34 PM
byHEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
FeaturingLa_Puerta & Kcentric
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Had this one stored away for months on end - figured I finish it one day not too soon… Is a poem my mother ‘La_Puerta’ wrote which I’ve always loved. It is sort of a dedication to people she admired who have passed away. I recorded her vocals and added some extra padding with mine; alongside Kcentric’s ubber chill track “Oxymoron” for the right blend of sentiment.

Any who… never really finished it until the other day, when I received news my dear stepmother passed away from breast cancer. This has been quite a blow in my life. She was literally a second mother to me; as well as an inspirational woman. This track is dedicated to her memory and the comfort of my family [myself included] who will forever miss and remember her brilliant light.


Based on the poem “Aun Muertos Vivirán” written by La_Puerta. Performed by La_Puerta, with arrangements and voices by COFFEEEUROPE. Music by Kcentric and the Creative Commons Community.


Aun muertos vivirán [Even in death they will live on]
Escrita e Interpretada por/Written and Perfomed by La_Puerta & COFFEEEUROPE

Aun muertos vivirán = Even in death they will live on
Quien se atreve a decir que murio Pavarotti? = Who dares to say Pavarotti [Italian operatic tenor]is dead?
El tenor de los mil tiempos = Tenor for all times

Croato = [Argentinian born musician who found his second home in the folkloric music of Puerto Rico]
Que se sembro en nuestro suelo Boricua = Who planted himself on our Puerto Rican soil
Como higuillo oloroso = Like an odorous Indian laurel
Dejo su perfume hecho cancion = Left his perfume turned song

Bob Marley [Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician]
Con sus trensas de bejuco de campo = With his braided reeds of grassland
Nos inspiro en su lira = inspired us in his lyric

El gran Pellin = The great Pellin [Renowned Puerto Rican salsa singer]
Con su gran Combo cantara en el cielo = Must sing in heaven now, alongside the Gran Combo

Reguerete = [Popular Fictional Black Caribbean character played by Puerto Rican comedian Paquito Cordero]
Que con su carita pintada nos demostraba su amor = His colored face taught us kindness

Oh el Machuchal = Or Machuchal [Machuchal was a living example of Puerto Rico’s mountain man, known as Jibaro]
su jibara alegria = his jibaro joyfulness
Cuanto nos hacia reir? = How much did it make us laugh?

Y que me dices de la Yiyiyi? = How about Yiyiyi? [ Famous Cuban-American singer of several musical genres: boleros, guarachas and Latin soul in particular.]
Con su “Segun su punto de vista” = and her “According to my point of view…”

Tito Puente en sus timbales = Tito Puente and his timbales [Puerto Rican Musician of significan influence in the genres of salsa and jazz.]
Rey de reyes siempre fue = Always king among kings

Son tantos = There are so many to name
Que no terminaria nunca = I would never reach the end
Y como dice Seijo… = And as Seijo would say [Legendary Puerto Rican radio and television personality]
Prohibido Olvidar = Forbidden to forget

El construye su camino = He forges his way
Y otros lo quieren derrumba = Others want to overthrow it
Como aguas de acantilado caen = Like water from a cliff they fall
El corre como rio ‘pa llega = He runs like the river to get there
Siguelo = Follow him
Siguelo = Follow him
Siguelo = Follow him
Hay camino para ‘anda = There’s way to walk
Hay camino para ‘anda = There’s way to walk
Hay camino para ‘anda = There’s way to walk

"Aun Muertos Viviran"
by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)

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