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Fission as Tradition (Auch die Alten taten spalten) feat. Hans Atom

uploaded: Fri, Jan 25, 2013 @ 6:20 PM
byWired Ant
FeaturingHans Atom
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Hans pella “Die Jugend spaltet das Atom” was one of the first material I downloaded after joining ccmixter.
The title triggered something like an unconscious idea for a remix and it finally took more than a year to sort out the way it finally should go! I just kept two parts of Hans´pella and wrote some additional new lyrics!

I made it sound very retro, old and nearly antique like this track exists for ages. I think a certain influence came from the design of Kraftwerk´s album Radioaktivität, black with the white shape of a famous old radio called “Volksempfänger”.

I decided to keep the track in German and unfortunately the kind of humor is actually only comprehendable in German. We use for nuclear fissioning the same word like for chopping wood: spalten (split or splitting).
So Hans claimed the youth is splitting the atom, I was forced by the lobby of the former generations to state that they splitted much more (wood) than the young ones and furthermore they had to clear all the deep forests to enable farming and culture and more furthermore their mother was Madame Curie.

So here the lyrics:

Väter rodeten die Wälder
(forefathers they cleared the forest)
Alte haben schon gespalten
(the old ones did already split)
Dieses Licht ist atomar
(now this light it is atomic)
jetzt und hier und immerda
(now and here and just for good)
A plan was made.

Ihre Mutter heißt Curie
(Their mothers name: Mdme Curie)
Ost und West im Dauertest
(East and West do permanentely test)

Actually I hate songs with a big manual but I just wanted to make sure you can understand and enjoy this track better with some explanations!

Thanks a lot Hans for your great pella and lyrics!!!

"Fission as Tradition (Auch die Alten taten spalten) feat. Hans Atom"
by Wired Ant

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