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The Magical Sky Tree Martas Dream

uploaded: Mon, Jun 3, 2024 @ 7:08 AM
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Planting the Magical Sky Tree

I‘m standing in the woods, in a circle of people near a cabin where we’ve gathered. We’re in a clearing, surrounded by tall, swaying trees. Up in the sky I see a surreal, magical tree, floating, shaped like an hourglass, flat on the bottom and the top, with branches and flowers sprouting from the inside. Other people see it too, watching me as I reach up and take hold of the tree around the center of its trunk, pulling until I feel it loosen and give way. It loosens and gives way.

I bring it down to the ground and now it’s 12 inches tall. Holding it in both hands, I close my eyes, waiting, hoping, and it begins to sprout roots. I feel it, alive and wiggling in my hands. It’s alive, wiggling in my hands. Looking down, I see two pieces of bark that have fallen from the large trees around us, lying at my feet in the shape of an X, and I know this is where I need to plant the magical sky tree. I pick up one piece of bark, curved like a garden trowel, and begin digging a hole to plant it in the center of the circle. I plant the magical sky tree in the center of our circle.


"The Magical Sky Tree Martas Dream"
by SackJo22

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