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Second Best

uploaded: Sat, Feb 4, 2023 @ 8:56 AM
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I could easily have married Jane. I knew from the moment I met her she was something special. Sitting across from her in that cafe in the seaside town I could only imagine the happiness she could bring into my world. Yes she was attractive. Slim with long flowing hair and a smile that bathed me in a light I’d never seen before. But she was much more than just a pretty face. She made me believe in myself and what I could achieve. Sadly the day came when whatever magic we had dissolved into thin air and I was left turning over in my head the few words she had spoken before she left for the final time. I had had my chance. The gods had looked down and decided it was time to move on into the next chapter of my life.

I never went back to the town by the sea and Jane I heard had moved on to another place far away. We never met again and that is how it should be. Life moves on. People change. Love comes and goes.

Second Best

Wake up Jane and tell me just tell me who you are
Tell me where you come from is it some distant star
And tell me if you’re ready to accept my heavy love
For I am bathing in the memories when push came to shove

Are you waiting for some signal to express just what you feel
Can you share your thoughts and tell me if what you have is real
I’m not waiting for a promise just a kind word will do
I can wait for your approval I can wait while you come through

So tell me Jane is there some hope now for this dancer in the rain
If I wait will there be sunshine and will you come back again
I’m not trying to force your hand now but some kindness would be fine
Maybe we’ll grow together further down the line

"Second Best"
by Radioontheshelf

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