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When Mary Left Her Mother

uploaded: Thu, Dec 8, 2022 @ 6:57 AM
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Soon those amongst us of the christian faith will celebrate the birth of a child who grew up anonymously in a distant land but who would bring together millions of people all over the world. Sadly for most the message of Christmas will be lost in the over indulgence of food and drink. As a race we are slowly losing our souls and led by politicians of dubious character stumble forward to a dimming light. Hopefully something will pull us back before we reach the edge and bestow on us the real gift of humanity that we once had and not something we can only find inside a box being delivered on an Amazon van!

Many thanks to Stefan for the inspiring backing track which I have just added fiddle and soprano sax to.

Now Mary’s mother warned her that the man that she had choosen
Was a dreamer and a loser who only plied a simple trade
And if she wanted to be happy she should find another lover
But Mary did not listen and her pledge to Joseph made

Love is a mask that people wear when seeking out a partner
And Mary’s mask was golden and made for just one man
She was just a girl who knew her place and where she should be heading
But little did she know the real direction God had planned

Now Joseph he made ladders, doors and tables for the people
Any task he could perform the gift was in his hands
So when the angel of the lord arrived he offered up his services
But the angel he said not today there is a greater plan

So Joseph listened closely to the words so softly spoken
Carried out the clear instructions and prepared to make his way
With Mary and the donkey and the great story to be written
Not knowing it would finish in Golgotha one dark day

But for now there’d be rejoicing gifts and praises from all quarters
The stars would guide the kings arrive and shepherds have their place
And young Mary sensed the drama but her thoughts were left unspoken
And her mothers words would haunt her when they had to flee next day

Now Mary saw the glory but she also felt the pity
And Joseph he kept making things that people always need
It was the greatest gift that God bestowed but the heaviest to carry
And Mary heard her mothers words pass by upon the breeze.

"When Mary Left Her Mother"
by Radioontheshelf

2022 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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