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Fire! Why Cant we Help Her? (Christine Anderson Dream)

uploaded: Thu, May 30, 2024 @ 8:03 PM
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Below is a VERY SIGNIFICANT precognitive dream about my Grandmother’s death. It was one that I had when I was around 4 years old. There are very few words associated with it, if any-just an extremely vivid “technicolor snapshot” image of a scene that remains as crystal clear as it was when I experienced it those many, many years ago:

It is Easter Sunday and my family is visiting my Grandmother. She is on the sofa, reclining somewhat, but not as if she were ill. I am wearing a white Easter dress. I hand her the Easter basket of flowers and muffins that we have brought to her. We all remain standing close to the sofa-my father, mother, brother and I. Suddenly the house erupts in flames, and even though we are only inches away from her, we cannot save my dear Grandmother from the fire. Everything is in slow motion as we back away from the flames with our hands outstretched to my Grandmother. EOD

I am not sure what to title it-Fire! Why can’t we help her?!….is what I would go with, I suppose.

"Fire! Why Cant we Help Her? (Christine Anderson Dream)"
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