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California Earthquake

uploaded: Fri, Apr 12, 2024 @ 10:16 AM
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The acapella for one of my top 5 spotify songs right now.

I’m doing a LOT of publishing. Reach out if you want to collab.

Only one “bad” word in the entire song.

Listen to the whole song here!


California earthquake watch the buildings shake
No fakes. Didn’t use brakes till crescent lakes
California’s finest Washington import
Play for sport. Run you right down the full court
Been bouncing beats since you were a fetus
Can’t defeat us even with the help of cousin Cletus
I walk through the valley of death where banjo’s play
Dismay leave MAGAts in disarray
Old man with the oh damn yeah fam that’s nice
From the hidden Valley of the Reaganites
San Ysidro make a run for the border
Where Mexicans hop over fences like mortars
Trece You can’t erase the last of us
Hazy lyrics are Cali scandalous
Puget Sound got water all around
Truly neighbors have common ground
Ladies and gentlemen prepare to be amazed
I’m Coruscate the mage of blaze
Listen to this musician. He’s very unique
Hip hop heat but I’m not from the street
I learn from the masters on cassettes
East Coast sounds on my west coast deck
BDP and the Native Tongue
2 Live Crew for some dirty fun
Born south of gangbanging in LA
Still listened to Ice-T and NWA
Old school hip hop that wonderful sound
Shock G Digital underground
Doowutchyalike exicted by mics and
Turntablism was so damn hype
Watch LL on take Kool Moe Dee
And Stezo fought with EPMD
Vanilla Ice spread like lice
and caught The Gas Face Prime Minister Pete Nice
Yo MTV Raps took every afternoon
I built my craft and I built my tunes
DJ Byte
I Dig through crates beats I create
Tectonic plates move and gyrate
Queen Beats
At the sound of the tone it will be 12 O Clock
Let it flow! Come on let’s rock!
Play this at work to get your focus
sharp shoot that task and get your bonus
Meditational hip hop single
suburban Rhymin and urban styles mingle
Nod your head as your drive through the valley as
the bass echoes every down every alley
Fire a volley of valorous flames and
Call your family to claim your remains
Reframe, let me explain,
F***ing with Coruscate is insane
The Unabomber of bedroom producers
Stay calm it’s not what you’re used to
Activist I do more than than talk shit
I don’t just talk the talk I walk It
On the benches I will never sit like
MC Hammer I’m too legit
Sit still while my friend drops knowledge
Rap 101 in your community college
Queen Beats
Grocery market these beats are fresh
I am totally unlike all of the rest
I will attest when I wreck what comes next
My rhymes are subtle catch the subtext
Of subjects subjected to my dichtomy
Whether I rhyme fun or Seriously

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"California Earthquake"
by coruscate

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