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All of the samples featured on this page are licensed under the Creative Commons family of license agreements. That means you don’t need an account with ccMixter to download, share and remix these samples because they are all in the Commons. Please see the specific license attached to a sample for what restrictions may apply before you use the sample in your remix.

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unreal_dm's 5 Newest Sample Packs

unreal_dm is one of the most prolific artists on ccMixter. Not only has he contributed over 385 remixes here, but he has contributed countless samples that have been remixed over 370 times!

unreal_dm's five newest sample packs are full band productions and stems that include rock, blues and jazz. Can you believe he's contributed these for free remixing?

Remix the "People"!

Freedom People is the musical love child of Brad Stanfield & Periel Marr who share and trade lead vocals and harmonies while Brad serves as a virtual “one man jam band”, playing guitars, bass, drums and keyboards as well as producing in a genre they call “Modern Retro Rock”.

Their track People Let’s Stop the War is a blazing, hard driving song with killer instrumentation (including a knock-out guitar) and powerful vocals. All the stems and a cappellas are available for download and remixing right now.

Download samples here….

Bill Ray Drums

Bill Ray is a Grammy-winning musician and has played such festivals as Montreux Jazz Festival, Northsea, Pori, Memphis in May, and the Antique Theater in Vienne, France. Bill’s playing can be heard on “Risin’ With The Blues”, which is Ike Turner’s final performance that took “Best Traditional Blues” for a Grammy Award in 2007.

Currently Bill is releasing “blank drum tracks of an organic nature” in the hopes that people will use them, compose to it, and send back the idea that Bill hopes to use on a future release.

Download samples here….

State Shirt

A staple on college radio and SongFight, State Shirt has released all the studio stems and a cappella from his latest album “This is Old” into the Commons. He’s got a great voice, writes fantastic songs and records some of the best open samples we’ve ever heard. He really gets it. You should too.

Download samples here…

Brad Sucks

Brad Sucks is a pioneer in the open music movement having released two best selling ‘Net albums, first “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing” and now “Out of It.” One of the most remixed artists on ccMixter Brad mixes rock, pop and electro instrumental genres with a wry, ironic vocal style. Brad has made 100s of megabytes of a cappellas, studio stems and samples available to the Commons.

Download samples here

Shannon Hurley

Shannon Hurley is singer songwriter with a huge MySpace following (Rolling Stone named her one of the top 25). Her spectacular voice can be heard on her latest album “Ready to Wake Up.” The complete stems, instruments and vocals to that album are now in the Commons. Enjoy, remix, post.

Download samples here…

Mentor Records

“We are overhauling the antiquated mode of producing music and forging nurturing, empowering relationships with our creative talents to ensure that the number one priority is always the music and those who create it.” Mentor has posted several world class, world music a cappellas into the Commons making the world that much smaller

Download samples here…


Discover what BT, TV producers and the industry is buzzing about by diving into the solo tracks to ccMixter’s very own Trifonics’ debut album “Emergence.” Over 2GB of high quality electronica samples, including uncut studio tracks, pre-cut loops and one shots and a cappellas are available for download and remixing.

Download samples here…

Bucky Jonson

Bucky Jonson is Printz Board, George Pajon Jr., Tim Izo and Keith Harris. Unless you’ve been living in a cave then chances are very good you have already heard their music as the band behind the Grammy winning Black Eyed Peas.

We’ve posted the studio tracks and a cappellas to our album “The Band Behind the Front” here at ccMixter.

Bucky samples here…

DJ Vadim

ccMixter is especially proud to host samples and original studio tracks from international superstar DJ Vadim’s BBE Music release of “The Sound Catcher.” DJ Vadim put these samples into the Commons so we can all learn, share and remix the separated audio tracks to his tracks available under CC license here at ccMixter.

Sample packs here…

Vieux Farka Toure

International star Vieux Farka Toure from the Republic of Mali has crafted a globalminded style all his own with original compositions displaying flourishes of rock and reggae amidst Saharan Blues and traditional Malian melodies. Vieux Farka Toure’s version of Mali blues are brilliantly represented on the separated audio tracks to his song “Ana” which are available under CC license here at ccMixter.

Sample packs here…


ccMixter has teamed up with the freesound project to share information about freesound’s 20,000 samples and track remixes across the two sites. It’s all part of the Creative Commons Sample Pool and therefore available to all remixers, safe, legal and sane.

Read more about freesounds…

Christopher Willits

Christopher Willits is a bay area recording artist with unique talents as a guitar player and sound designer. His sound is lush and deep with crisp ambient tones and subtle harmonies, perfect as the basis for any remix looking for an open airy quality. The separated audio tracks to his song “Colors Shifting” are available under CC license here at ccMixter.

Sample packs here…


Creative Commons and (©urve)music™ (the ™ is for ‘Talent Management’) are pleased to offer the audio source files from several tracks from Zone’s ‘MADRUGADA’ and Tamy’s ‘Sou Mais Bossa’ albums online under a CC license, so that producers worldwide can use the sounds in remixes and new compositions.

(©urve)music™ samples here.


The best of the best of samples found on ccMixter as compiled by the site’s top remixers.

Sample packs here

Fort Minor

Download and remix the original studio tracks (including the full a cappellas) from Fort Minor’s monster hit “Remember The Name” or use the pre-cut loops from their sample packs.

Fort Minor samples here…

Crammed Discs

Make your own hot remixes using sample packs and a cappellas put in the Commons by some of Brazil’s best and most popular and adventurous modern artists on the Crammed Discs label including DJ Dolores, Apollo Nova and Cibelle.

Crammed Discs samples here…


Thousands of album cuts, studio tracks, a cappellas and ACIDized pre-cut loops from the Magnatune catalog. Grammy winning, world class musicians in every genre imaginable including funk, rock, ambient, electronic and the best classical catalog on the web.

Magnatune samples here…


Sample the Beastie Boys, David Byrne, Theivery Corp. and many other artists from WIRED/CC CD.

WIRED samples are here…

Fine Arts Militia

The Fine Arts Militia feat. Chuck D. donated studio tracks with a cappellas to the Commons.

FAM Samples are here