Editors' Picks

Good Night

I imagine Siobahn Dakay is a sensitive romantic with a heart as deep as the ocean. That’s what this tender and masterfully produced chill remix of myvanillaworld sounds like to me.

Drunk Text

Loveshadow - one of the most accomplished, prolific, and productive producers of our time - hits another one out of the park in his glorious re-imagination of LV’s delightful ditty about one of the perils of modern electronic life. Is this even better than her official version on YouTube? – Gotta listen to find out!

Leaving Babylon

Zep’s smooth, clean, classic reggae production is the perfect sonic setting for this journey of return and redemption iRebel sings about in Leaving Babylon.

One True Connection (ProgRock RMX)

Take a trip with me as we listen to Whitewolf225 and Loveshadow tell us a tale of how we are all stardust and we are golden in this ProgRock mix.
Mana Junkie

Pick It Up - Drunk TXT

by: Alex
Modern minimalist hip-hop magic. In the words of Zep: “Perfect.”


Live Your Own Life

TRF takes the best ingredients of sound and remixes a track that is timelessly filled with ease and flow. If you let go and Live Your Life the way you want to…this is your soundtrack!

Foolish Game - Miss Snowflake - Nickillus remix

With a full spectrum and diversity of sound, Nickillus presents a rich complexity in this interpretation of Snowflake’s “A Foolish Game.”


There’s a hurricane a comin’ and it’s up to Stefan Kartenberg to tame it. It’s got a 70’s vibe with a twist of 80’s with an infectious sound.
Good stuff.
Mana Junkie

40 Days 40 Nights

by: Alex
Alex is back with Mikey D and J Lang laying down 40 Days and 40 Nights of electro urban hip-hop beats and spatial guitar. Yuge sound!

Cheat the Night

Pop rock bliss. Scomber sings to the stars and makes them swoon! Loveshadow’s backup vocals, muted guitar and orchestral parts seal the deal. Goosebumps.
Kara Square

ccMixter Intensity

Here comes the FUNK! TexasRadioFish takes Scomber’s ccMixter inTENtions anthem, 90s style synth, punchy bass, and then adds bonus vocal snippets from Dave Merrick, Speck, and ElRon. The result? FUN funky FUNK makin’ your speakers PUMP ‘n’ JUMP!
Kara Square

Hate Loses

There’s nothing like solid rock & roll to make a political message inspire and empower. Zep Hurme’s remix of Panu’s hope-filled protest song will make you believe that “hate loses and love prevails.” ROCK ON.
Kara Square

I Used to Think

Smooth Jazz with a soulful groove. Loveshadow’s two chord groove pulls you in and makes you tap your feet. He gives Kara’s vocals a jazz feel to them. This is what I call ear candy.

Focus on Love

by: Jeris
Jeris Is back with a remix of Kara Square. In a beautiful Waltz feel setting this just keeps going round and round. Can’t you envision a ballroom dance?

Come Inside My Foolish Acid Trip (Whitewolf RMX)

Two sirens take you on a hauntingly beautiful trip with the assistance of a white wolf.
Mana Junkie