Editors' Picks


The cool and soft raggy sound makes the difference here. Reiswerk did a great backing track for Leza Boylan’s
Listen and enjoy.
Stefan Kartenberg
Play Open

Until Dry Summertime

Epic electronic composition. With craft precision, septahelix arranges sounds and musical phrases from several sources (including vocals from Leza Boyland) in his own unique style, topped with his signature bass synth.


Uplifting electronic ballad with a sweetness. Briareus brings a wonderful blend of pads, strings, and a waltz beat to this remix of SackJo22’s lovely “Looking Behind.”

Wayfaring Stranger

Heroic rock anthem with a touch of wave. In this ingenious blend of BoHeart’s acappella (of the same name) with Whitewolf’s “Hurricane” instrumental, Dan_Mantau presents an uplifting remix bound to inspire!


EPIC world music spoken-word remix that is incredibly inspiring and empowering. Dysfunction_AL’s orchestration sets the stage for Snowflake’s vocals to soar with hope!
Kara Square

Climate Change The Dirty Water Remix

by: J.Lang
Old-school hip-hop with biting lyrics that educate and challenge. J.Lang & Coruscate make the message crystal clear: climate change is real.
Kara Square

Song of the Phoenix

Sackjo’s haunting words speak truth and open our hearts. Her voice compels us to sing along. Stefan Kartenberg’s musicianship is a soundtrack of the Outback and Susan is the voice of the Phoenix. A song of redemption, resilience, rage, truth.

Rise Up!

Stefan’s driving rhythms, scorching guitars, soaring flutes and pop arrangement create a rock anthem with Mr. Yesterday’s call to action “Rise Up!” Listen on repeat.

Phoenix Rising

Cinematic and stirring, Subliminal’s remix of Snowflake’s spoken word is an absolutely top-notch arrangement. Listen and hear how each sound, each note supports the vocals with a hauntingly chilling effect.
Kara Square


There is healing in this rain of sound created for the thirst we have for regeneration. I can feel the soothing drops of water on the wings of renewal. Admiral Bob commands the waters of hope with this mix.
Play Rain

Circling 2020

“Circling 2020” is a soft and gently ballad arranged by Bluemillenium.
The outstanding voice of Snowflake gives the song a special mood.
A great contribution to the Rise from the Ashes event.
Stefan Kartenberg

Head Run

An excellent piece of electronic music. The acid bassline is powerful but not intrusive and offers a nice counterpart to the massivly distorted vocals 700P3D.

I'm a Phoenix

Stefan Kartenberg found inspiration in shares by Snowflake and Apoxode to express challenging truths in healing music that transcends genre. Artful, tender, creative, I’m a Phoenix is an ambient prayer with a guitar that sings.

It's Called a Forest

TRF and Smokey the Bear groove out with Sascha Ende, reminding us all of the fragility of the forests when we are careless. Texasradiofish rocks!

Ordinary People

With country bluegrass treatment, Admiral Bob kicks off the ‘Rise from the Ashes Remix Event’ with a deeply emotive mix of Scomber’s empowering ballad. The mandolin adds a hope-filled brightness that opens the heart.
Kara Square