Time of Terror Remix Event

Editors' Picks

The song of Wandering Aengus

An October mix that escaped me and perhaps others that now nearly 2 months on i hear for the first time and feel is worthy of an ed pick.

Fitting as the end of 2008 nears and winter sets into the Northern hemisphere.

Mississippi Kite

Need some trick or treat music? Check out scarecrow’s dark electro remix of Kristin Hersh’s Mississippi Kite.

Sunrise (unplugged)

In a very simple and acoustic style, Admiralbob gives us an elegant duo with Shannon.
Just two voices, an acoustic guitar and a mandolin, everythings here seems so natural, it’s as if this song had always existed… You can’t miss this one.
ditto ditto


by: atoa
A simple but moving, deep electro-dream treatment that washes over you with waves of filters drenched in emotion. atoa has been somewhat quietly building up quite a resume over the years since showing up for the Fort Minor remix contest showing off a rare versatility and great, straight-ahead production skills.

Certain Death (Still Alive Remix)

Blackberry’s remix of Brad Sucks “Certain Death” is Alive and KICKING. A smooth DnB track that could be a dance floor favorite in any dance club. Blackberry adds his own special flavor to a great Brad Sucks tune.

There's Something Wrong- The Dirty Water Remix

by: J.Lang
You can listen to the original by Brad Sucks here. It’s a great song. J. Lang kicks it up a notch with this beat driven, lo-fi, head boppin’ remix.

Summertime, We Won't Forget

Perfect music for a sunset. A smooth, funky farewell to Summertime by Ms.Muthaphukkin Vybe collaborating with CDK, stefsax and fourstones.


Geert Veneklass, adds a little dramatic greasepaint and pulls 3 CC Mixter threads tightly together. Then swings them out as one into the spotlight, high above the sawdust ring of the CC Mixter floor.


As someone who loves a well produced sound then there is no way i could pass this by.

Ear to Ear technical perfection.

We Are In Love (Club 79 Remix)

Time for the fake tan, those skimpy little Latin dresses and heels. Pull your chin up, back in and drop onto the glittery stage of Strictly Come Dancing ( Dancing With the Stars )

Something totally innocent and sequinny to make you smile, that is in fact, beautifully played and arranged.
Lets hope that Len and the judges like you.

WE R 1 ( Sunday Drive Mix )

Summer is almost over in the northern hemisphere. So get in the car, roll down the windows, turn up the volume and let Loveshadow take you for a drive along your favorite winding road. Life is good!

Our Slanted Voices

A superb instrumental track I can listen to again and again. Sometimes the tags say it all - electronic, rhodes, laid_back, groove, loops, spoken_word. どかしてる.

Beginnings and Endings (GE Feel for More mix)

Its a no brainer for me not to pick this as besides it being a great club track its an education and `Ess-ential’ listening for the
`wanna be’ dance producer.

Freedom (Waking Mix)

by: vo1k1
vo1k1’s stunning ambient remix speaks on many levels: musical, emotional, political to name just some obvious one’s. In a world often drowning in shouting, this work delivers a powerful message via a whisper.

August (Reggae Rework)

by: el-B
It’s August. So here’s an excellent Reggae Rework of Calendargirl’s August by el-B. Everyting is irie mon. : )