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Editors' Picks

gros bon ange_PoP_MiX

Very easy on the ears. An addicting, first rate production. A great melody by singer-songwriter-pianist-accordionist-incantrix jacinda espinosa transformed into a incredibly catchy PoP MiX by wellman.


by: Alex
Just the full package. Outstanding vocals by Natalie Brown & Y Niazi deliciously mixed by one of the mixter’s hottest producers. Infectious, funky, groovy.
MC Jack in the Box


Tekno Eddy gives mixter favorite Lisa D the DnB treatment in this etheral and high energy brilliant daze of a remix.
MC Jack in the Box


Polished production values and a trunk full of deep intent, load Panus vocal into the atmosphere of a Deep South road flick and drives it all clean out of the state.

First class work.
Play Nine

Qualquiehmohtreta (East Flavour Mix)

an incredible brazilian hip hop track in the thirteenth monkey groove style.

Ever, Forever (piano waltz, var. 02)

This melody is for mourning, falling in love, sensing the more delicate things in the air …is, well, is Melody Romancito.
Hektor Thillet

café connection

Like a virtual street performance in le marais, this track showcases not only excellent source music but what can happen in the hands of a motivated producer. one of my new favorites.
MC Jack in the Box


by: BOCrew
I have been waiting for BOCrew to deliver something like this for some time. There were signs they had made a change sonically a while back.

Its a minimalist, wrapped up in a fleecy quilt, woolly jumper sort of a sound that oddly is in contrast to the words and delivery of Abhi SV but it just works.

The title speaks for itself .

I Wonder If God Was Sleeping (Transcendence Edit)

Scott Altham takes us on a non-denominational ride with his top shelf dance trance mix featuring the fine vocal work of Loveshadow.
MC Jack in the Box

I Fell Out of the Sky

DoKashiteru’s hectic epic surrounds the most excellent State Shirt with some frantic drums over dreamy chords and a glassy piano, creating an instant classic!

Wired But Disconnected

Bluesy, funky, gritty and a brilliant example of the “unexpected collaboration” that proves what this site is all about. After marveling at the irresistible toe-tapping groove dig the oh so ironic lyrics considering the process by which it was all put together. The only nit: I would have named it “virtuality” ;)

Thanks to everyone involved who posted the samples into the wild.

The song of Wandering Aengus

An October mix that escaped me and perhaps others that now nearly 2 months on i hear for the first time and feel is worthy of an ed pick.

Fitting as the end of 2008 nears and winter sets into the Northern hemisphere.

Mississippi Kite

Need some trick or treat music? Check out scarecrow’s dark electro remix of Kristin Hersh’s Mississippi Kite.

Sunrise (unplugged)

In a very simple and acoustic style, Admiralbob gives us an elegant duo with Shannon.
Just two voices, an acoustic guitar and a mandolin, everythings here seems so natural, it’s as if this song had always existed… You can’t miss this one.
ditto ditto


by: atoa
A simple but moving, deep electro-dream treatment that washes over you with waves of filters drenched in emotion. atoa has been somewhat quietly building up quite a resume over the years since showing up for the Fort Minor remix contest showing off a rare versatility and great, straight-ahead production skills.