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ccmixter project walk-throughs on zoom?

permalink   Sun, Jul 12, 2020 @ 7:16 PM
Hello ccmixters,

Following up on our last zoom with a new zoom thought/proposal. Would people be interested in a zoom meeting in which several ccmixters gave a walk-through of a project and provide some narrative on workflow? This would use zoom’s screen and audio sharing.

I’m thinking of an extremely casual format. With each walk-through taking maybe 15 mins and some Q&A? I would be happy to do so, and would love to see how other people work.

Let me know what you think. If there is enough interest, I will set up the meeting.

Best to all, Vo1k1
permalink   Sun, Aug 30, 2020 @ 8:07 PM
okay, i’m sorry i don’t check the forums more. i LOVE this idea. anyone?! Bueller?! c’mon, this is great. some of you guys clearly know WAY more than i do, some of you clearly do things WAY differently than i do. i’d love to learn, and i’d be open to sharing some of my screwed up techniques.
permalink   Apoxode Mon, Aug 31, 2020 @ 3:29 AM
I think it’s a fantastic idea as well. In my case, though, I’m too self-conscious to be of any help … I’m more of a ‘power-point’ contributor.
permalink   Tue, Sep 1, 2020 @ 10:20 PM
Let’s do this! Do you want help organizing the first one?
permalink   vo1k1 Thu, Sep 3, 2020 @ 4:57 PM
Would be very happy to get help or hand over the leading of the first one altogether (work is crazy right now).
permalink   Thu, Sep 3, 2020 @ 4:56 PM
Good to see this topic come alive again!
Martin Cee (softmartin)
permalink   Fri, Sep 4, 2020 @ 4:15 AM
Hi, I would also like this, but also as learner, not a presenter…