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Expand Your Horizons

permalink   Wed, Jul 24, 2019 @ 7:44 PM

With the help Of ccMixter on every level I’m am honored to present to you “Expand Your Horizons” a 13 song collection of remixes from the community that sets the standard for ccmusic remixing.

This album is a thin slice of my experience here, a tasty slice of a body of work that I never would have imagined when I joined ccMixter.

Kara did a fantastic job of mastering the tracks to bring out the continuity and clarity of the work. Many thanks to her and all she did to make this happen. We are all lucky to have her here.

Thanks also to Emily and all the featured artists and collaborators who made this possible.

I think Bandcamp is the best way to listen from start to finish. Please post your reviews here if you are willing and able.


Bandcamp release