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ccmixter2go public prevics

permalink   Sun, Feb 17, 2019 @ 10:40 AM
After a couple of years I finally found the time to continue my work at ccmixter2go. It is an app designed to support the way I want to use ccmixter. But I hope that others find it useful, tool. :)

There are still many ways I want to improve it. But right now I consider it stable and useful enough to present it you.

It is intended to be used on mobile phones especially when being offline or with a bad connection. Be careful: The more song you mark as “favourite” the more space the app will take. And if you ever clear all offline data from your browser, all favs will be gone… (For the latter there was an option to sync the favs to ccmixter. But that requires routing your passwords through my server. And while I trust myself, I wont assume the same level of trust from you. ;) As soon as ccmixter supports https, I can fix that and let my app connect to ccmixter directly…=

Check it out: ccmixter2go

Comments highly welcome!