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Secret Mixter: Crack The Code Discussion

Admiral Bob
permalink   Tue, Mar 28, 2017 @ 8:09 AM
ccMixter Needs Developers!

Please take a look at the teams below and see if your skills match.

Current Site Maintenance Team
This team is a devOps team focusing on the “ops” side, but requires dev skill as well.

Skills Required for the Team
Not everyone has to have all these skills, but they should all be represented on team.
*Linux sysadmin skills via SSH
*PHP and Apache
*Some Javascript and HTML would be useful.
*Help desk skills

Next Version Team
The “next version” team would also be devOps, but focused on development. The key vision of this team is to move to a modern REST model where posting to the server is done in a predictable, API tokened, JSON oriented way, with results rendered to the UI in a reliable JSON fashion.

Skills Required for the Team
Not everyone has to have all these skills, but they should all be represented on team.
*Full stack skills in Apache/PHP and MEAN (or comparable frameworks.)
*Visual Design skills
*Wireframing and sketchy gui
*People with a lot of patience and creativity.
*Strong opinions about what music collaboration should look like
*Willing to read “ccmixter: A Memoir.”

Still intrigued? Awesome! Please follow this link and read Admiral Bob’s development vision for ccMixter for more details. Reply to this post or contact us when you are ready and able to join one of the Dev Teams.

Not quite ready to jump on board? You can still help us CRACK the CODE! Support the development of ccMixter by becoming a Patron.

Admiral Bob
permalink   Wed, Mar 29, 2017 @ 4:49 PM
…indeed! I’ve been waiting for this since the upload policy announcement in November, and good to see it happening.

I have meta questions. Will there be a separate Forum thread for feedback on the document itself, and on the Vision? For example:

- What is the ambition level?
** Spawning more sites? There were more once…
** Creating and maintaining a programming community?
** Refocusing on the user (i.e., remixer) community?
** Still open for discussion?
- Will the work continue the ccMixter open source tradition?
** Still openly posted on GitHub?
** How wildly freewheeling the contributions?
** How tightly moderated/peer reviewed?
- Will the dual thread (near-term maintenance, long-term vision) continue?
** I worry “creative” gravity favors the second, visionary effort.
- How about basic HTML?
** Sure would love to have been able to insert a normal unordered list ;-)

Anyway, the simple first question is: “Is that this thread?”

The ambition level:

- not to be coy, but the amount of ambition we have will have a direct correlation with the size of our volunteer pool, and with the amount of funding we are able to raise. I don’t think we want to go too crazy, but there are some fundamental challenges that have to be solved in the future - we need a write API, and we need an API that is authorized by API key, in order to throttle usage. We need a more cohesive UI than what the beta site got off to. We probably need slightly better stem discovery than the existing sites, something like a Dig for remixers. And there are a lot of outstanding bugs and requests for the existing sites. How much of that we can do is dependent on how well resourced we end up being.

Spawning more sites:

You mean ccHost implementations out there? That would be a big plus, because it would give us a community of communities. I don’t think our focus will be on building that out though - it might have to grow organically.

A programming community:

I’m hoping the programming group is simply a subset of the existing community; united to its existing values and ethos. We’re all remixers - remixing code is simply a specialized subset of that.

Refocusing on the User

That’s what a read/write API can do for us. It will allow us to separate user interface from functionality, and allow others to build on the work with apps, etc. We’ve seen all kinds of use of our API to extend games, multimedia, and consumer oriented stuff. How terrific would it be if the next GarageBand could post directly to ccMixter?


Yep. It is there now. That won’t change.


The process should have the same rigour any normal FOSS application has. There are committers who have access, other people can do pulls and suggest patches. Or fork, if need be. I like the openness of the Linux community, but ccMixter has a very gentle and congenial culture. I love that our forums and comments have almost zero flaming. The code remix needs to preserve that.

Dual tracks for continuity

Yes. This is just common sense. Someone needs to be able to respond to quick needs, and that can be just as interesting challenging as long term visioneering (the payoff is rapid, right? :) ) That’s what will attract creatives to the short term project: introduction of a new cool integration with a cloud service, auth method, or an integration project that helps bring a DAW integration on board is just as awesome as a big scale restructure - which can take a long time and requires a lot of patience before a payoff comes.

Basic HTML?

If by that you mean something that works without Javascript, I think that day is done, frankly. We’re in the HTML5 world now.
permalink   Mr_Yesterday Wed, Mar 29, 2017 @ 6:43 PM
Thanks, Bob, for a long and thoughtful response to a scattershot post. Your pragmatic (not coy) attitude toward ambition is what I’d hoped for: effort scaled to the resource reality that emerges. That gets things done.

By day, I’m a developer-friendly product manager, which is to say I’m about requirements, priorities, and scope control as tools for success. Alas, I’m not a coder, though I have hacked my way to several web presences (HTML5 has been a blessing and a curse). I can muster a roomful of creativity and operational details, given a white board, though it will all come down to prose and diagrams in the end. If that’s useful, I’m in. If it’s all chat room and forum exchange, I’m less effective.

A more cohesive and capable UI is paramount; that’s for us (and new!) users. And I agree that keeping a “gentle and very congenial culture” is important.

Keeping the FOSS heritage alive likewise. My question about spawning other sites—and I agree it is a bit down the list—comes from two places: from seeing the early spread of ccHost sites (the one in Brazil was fantastic and had incredible poetry performances), and from implementing ccHost on my own site (which only proves my hacker wannabe claim above).

I’m wrapping this to read more during the site migration.
permalink   Mr_Yesterday Sun, Apr 2, 2017 @ 1:04 AM
Rather than freewheel this conversation all over old territory, I took the time to reread Victor’s “ ccmixter: A Memoir” as suggested. Even found an answer to one of my long-ago unanswered forum questions. (I will someday express my opinion of the -NC v. -SA decision. Today is not that day.) Reviewing was useful: there are some areas that don’t need to be retread if this document is a major reference for the Vision.

I’d like to submit a few suggestions, both for the site and for the project, ranging from framework guidelines to specific, implementable chunks. As Victor wrote, “I should have made my opinions heard before and not after.” I’m thinking a list of usability improvements might be useful, if only for target practice. All can be framed as stories, if you like.

I’ll craft a few carefully and post them as strawmen. LMK if you’d prefer I wait.
permalink   Admiral Bob Mon, Apr 3, 2017 @ 7:08 AM
Go for it! Why wait? :)
permalink   Mr_Yesterday Thu, Apr 13, 2017 @ 7:00 PM
Great. Not forgetting this thread. Work, taxes, Secret Mixter, etc… Working on it.
permalink   Thu, Mar 30, 2017 @ 11:49 PM
Quote: Admiral BobSee: Okay, great, I’d be interested in volunteering. How do I notify you (or the powers that be, or whoever, since it is completely unspecified in any of the communications) of my availability other than replying on this thread? My skillset is not a 100% match, but I’m pretty sure I could be a useful resource… Help was solicited and then the communication channel which should be used was not specified. Sloppy. Unless this whole thing was just a fundraising effort and you didn’t care about technical assistance. I don’t get it.
permalink   Admiral Bob Fri, Mar 31, 2017 @ 9:52 AM
Three ways:

- indicate interest here or in the main thread.
- Contact us (use to do so.)
- Leave contact info here, if your profile doesn’t permit contact.
permalink   Wed, Apr 5, 2017 @ 12:16 AM
Hi there.

I really waited for something like this! In real live (the live next to my real passion 7OOP3D) I’m work for a digital agency as Sr. Technical Project Manager. I’m into frontend technology as well as in backend technology.

You can count on me…
permalink   Admiral Bob Tue, Apr 11, 2017 @ 7:39 PM
Thanks. I’m going to take inventory of our skills in a few days. I’ll pencil you in. :)
permalink   Tue, May 2, 2017 @ 7:23 AM
Where can the current status of things be viewed? Nothing here has been updated since January .. :
Github Search
permalink   Admiral Bob Sat, May 6, 2017 @ 5:12 AM
That’d be about right. There hasn’t been significant active development on ccMixter, hence the request for the help.
Yegor Kazantcev
permalink   Tue, May 23, 2017 @ 10:45 AM
My CV:

This really working on apache???
permalink   Sun, May 28, 2017 @ 4:05 PM
wouldn’t mind helping here and there.
permalink   turkdirty Sun, May 28, 2017 @ 4:06 PM
have experience with php/js/html/css and angular2 some backbone, but i think you need a volunteer UX person more than anything. (for instance, there is no normal login link unless i click sign up, i just got presented with the facebook login)
permalink   Fri, Aug 31, 2018 @ 1:49 AM
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