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Tagging the tracks

permalink   Sat, Mar 12, 2016 @ 4:06 AM
With the Dig The Soundtrack event, I was thinking about how visitors to our site can find the music they are looking for.

They could be looking for matching music for a video/film, or to play at an event. They may have a strong idea of what they are looking for, and will have some keywords to describe what they want. We must be able to guide those who are browsing for music to matching remixes.

They could listen to all the tunes, but we have so many that it could be a while before they find something they want. Also the tune introduction may not represent the complete tune.

We have a tagging system, but from what I have seen, the tags are rarely helpful in identifying the tunes. We put too few tags in the music and they don’t really identify what the music could be used for.

I am suggesting that the reviwer could put some tags that we think appropriate.

I have been through the existing tags and have the following suggestions for tags.

upbeat,downbeat, fast, slow, trippy, groovy, beat, ambient, dance, club, cool, trance, punk, melancholy, industrial, heavy, funk.

calm, cool, creepy, deep, eerie, epic, happy, sad, haunting, horror, light, heavy, loss, melancholy, rapture, smooth, suspense.

Ambient, atospheric, calm, ethereal, wind, water, ice, fire, earth, texture, storm, space, scifi, rain, noise, night, day, sunny, cloudy.

Abstract, ambient, church, classic, club, cool, dance, dirty, ethic, exotic, folk, funk, gospel, goth, groove, grunge, heavy, horror, indian, indie, industrial, jazz, jungle, latin, machine, movie, nature, orchestral, oriental, punk, retro, scifi, smooth, space, spooky, suspense, trance, tribal, trippy, world.
permalink   Sat, Mar 19, 2016 @ 3:23 PM
Searching for music is a labor of love, a masochistic eye-blurring journey for that magic track. Tags help of course, huge. I like your suggestion of having editor tags, that could help. Curating is a huge part of discovery. I am happpy that dig.ccmixter is on the task!