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Advanced Midi Gate - Super Free Glitch Effect

permalink   Sat, Nov 2, 2013 @ 12:07 PM
Advanced Midi Gate
I used to use a program called Moot for midi gate effects. Unfortunately in my setup the midi side of things stopped working, being unable to read the midi-in , even reinstalling didn’t fix it. Presumably a bug related to Vista- some VST effects won’t work properly on that system. It’s still a good program for clock-synced gate effects though. In the meantime I had a look around and came up with this little gem, super for glitch effects.

What is really good about midi gating is you can come up with some real cool evolving long note analog pads, then use the gate to make that sound into a comp effect.

Advanced MIDI Gate
Advanced MIDI Gate can be used to easily mute an audio/VSTi track via MIDI. For example, it can be used to create the stuttering effects commonly found in trance and psy-trance.
AMG is different to other midi gates because:
The envelope can control a filter instead of a VCA.
The envelope is tighter than most other MIDI gates.
Noise can be added to the signal to make the sound more aggressive.
Either the left or right channel can be delayed slightly to fatten the sound.
When you stop your sequencer, the plugin disables itself so that you can edit the gated track without having to switch the plugin off.
There is an autopan section that can throw the signal to alternate speakers each time the gate is triggered.
The autopan, filter and noise sections all have BPM synced LFOs for more sonic possibilities.