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Cover Song Etiquette

Adisa McKenzie
permalink   Wed, Nov 17, 2010 @ 4:11 PM
I would like get feedback from people as to how to properly Attribute a Cover song. If a song uses a “CC-by” - that means I am free to sell (among other things). I just asked this question as a combo question here. There was great feedback and it really gave me an attitude adjustment regarding attribution in general. I would, however, like to get examples of how cover songs are being attributed. Thanks.
Clarence Simpson
permalink   Fri, Nov 19, 2010 @ 11:22 AM
I’m certainly no expert in this, but I don’t think doing a cover of a CC song would be attributed any differently than using a sample of a CC song. Both a remix and a cover constitute derivative works of the original CC song.
permalink   Adisa McKenzie Mon, Nov 22, 2010 @ 3:22 PM
So, if the song were listed on Itunes would it say: “song title [written by Clarence Simpson]”

or “Clarence Simpson’s Song Title”
or do you do you have another suggestion?
permalink   Snowflake Mon, Nov 22, 2010 @ 5:52 PM
great question. i think either would be appropriate.

“Title” (feat. xxx, xxx & xxx)[written by Clarence Simpson]

Also include it in the iTunes tag section - they usually ask for composer and publisher.

xxx would be any samples/pellas/source you used from folks, if applicable.