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Songtext, if needed (CCL-BY-NC)

permalink   Fri, Nov 27, 2009 @ 6:19 AM
hey what’s up?

I had some bad dreams last night.
are there still some nice people, fighting for our right?
I do not know who I am, anymore.
Just tell me, I’ll think about this war.
Are there still beautiful girls?
Do you believe in these pearls?

hey what’s up?

are the streets still full of light?
do they keep up the fight?
why was I asleep, with all the nightmares?
who am I? give me a share, please care!
are there still the good smells in air
and best friends for life, we dare?

hey what’s up?

what a strange night I had,
endless for help, I had to beg.
everybody was nobody, and nothing was the rest.
without breath in the breast,
I saw my end embedded in stone
all would leave me alone.

hey what’s up?

I can still feel the sleep, on the leap.
where is reality gone, please tell me without bleep!
I’ll fall back soon asleep, It’s my disease,
the more I sleep, the more I decrease,
the more I live insomnia asleep.
tell me, will there be a beep, by a bird, after a stop?

hey what’s up?

is reality just bestiality
or are there still men and angels waiting for me?
what is true, may I ask you through the night?
can you lead me to the light, so bright,
it shines for me, I can see!
just in my brain, there will always be the refrain.

hey what’s up?
hey what’s up?
hey what’s up?
hey what’s up?
hey what’s up?
hey what’s up?

CCL-BY-NC Thomas Strigl