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Featured Artist: DoKashiteru

permalink   Mon, Nov 9, 2009 @ 8:40 AM

Jason Calhoun and Sander Moolin, two guys from upstate New York (as they refer to themselves), have been making electronic music since the summer of 2006 as DoKashiteru. Musically, their influences include Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass, as well as Kraftwerk, Decomposure, Aphex Twin, Nobuo Uematsu, Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros, and Anamanaguchi.

DoKashiteru’s first upload to ccMixter was Midsummer Night’s Dream, uploaded on April 25, 2008, and they’ve regularly uploaded many remixes since. Shortly after, DoKashiteru released their first album, Gizmo, in July 2008. Most recently Sander appeared in a ccMixter podcast in which he discusses DoKashiteru’s involvement in the Secret Mixter series, and their upcoming release with host spinningmerkaba and special guest Snowflake.

We are proud to feature Dokashiteru in our newest Artist Spotlight with a special Q&A interview conducted for ccMixter by SackJo22.

Artist Spotlight: DoKashiteru

I had a blast putting this feature together! Thanks to Fourstones, SackJo22, Snowflake and of course DoKashiteru for making this happen.-spinningmerkaba
permalink   Mon, Nov 9, 2009 @ 9:38 AM
The coolest moment in the podcast interview is when Sander realizes that gurdonark was assigned them in the Secret Mixter. You could feel the honest excitement pouring out of him - that’s what it’s all about.