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CCPlus (CC+) for samples - sample marketplace

permalink   Sun, Aug 3, 2008 @ 9:32 PM
I know that ccMixter is in the process of changing ownership and that implementing this idea will be up to the new owner, but I’d like to get feedback from the community on the possibility of adding a CCPlus option to uploaded samples.

For those not familiar with CCPlus (not to be confused with the older Sampling Plus license), I suggest having a look here for all the pertinent info: CCPlus

The basic idea is that on uploading a sample (NB: not a remix) and selecting the BY-NC license, the uploader will also be presented with the option to attach CCPlus to the sample and to predetermine a price for commercial usage rights for that sample.

It would make life a whole lot easier for producers and remixers who want to make use of NC licensed samples in commercial tracks if there were a CCPlus button next to such samples. Clicking the button would take them to a page where the price is displayed and with payment options (PayPal would be great) for securing the commercial usage rights. Currently such usage rights have to be negotiated with each sample provider individually.

In return for hosting the samples, providing pricing guides, the interface functionality and a standardized commercial usage rights license (similar to the kind found on commercial sampling CDs) ccMixter could gladly take a small percentage of each transaction. On a large scale this could provide a handsome income for ccMixter, hopefully ensuring continued prosperity and also subsidizing the hosting of BY licensed samples.

I expect some resistance to the idea of essentially attaching a sample marketplace to ccMixter, but keep in mind that sustainable business models involving CC licensing has so far been in short supply - especially ones that don’t rely on a considerable pre-existing support base as in the case of an artist like NIN. I think this model has a very real chance of succeeding, especially on the scale that ccMixter would be able to implement it.

Additional benefits I see to this approach from a commercial user’s perspective are:
- the ability to try a full-quality sample in the context of a track before buying it (something I’ve been personally vexed by when using online sample marketplaces like MI7 Libraries)
- convenience

And from the uploader’s perspective:
- providing a financial incentive to commercial studios and producers to make multi-tracks and samples available under CC (remember that all CCPlus samples by definition remain free for non-commercial use)
- the possibility of defraying or distributing some of the commercial recording costs
- the possibility of compensating session musicians by making their recordings available under CCPlus

I’m not a business person, just a producer/musician who like everyone here has a vested interest in seeing ccMixter succeed and thrive. I’m personally in no position to implement these features, so I’m bringing it to this forum in the hopes that the user base might want to lobby for it to the new owner.

As a final note, I’ve just returned from the iCommons Summit ‘08 in Japan where I had the opportunity to present this business model in the Open Business track in front of attendees including Prof. Lessig and where it was very favorably received.
permalink   Mon, Aug 4, 2008 @ 5:22 PM
I’m curious what the members think about if (once they are educated as to the potential) but speaking for myself it’s a no-brainer and would be in the ccHost already if it wasn’t for the change in ownership. We wanted to give the new owners the maximum flexibility wrt to licensing and other commercial related features.
permalink   Mon, Aug 4, 2008 @ 7:46 PM
agreed — a no brainer as a logical next evolutionary step.
permalink   Mon, Aug 4, 2008 @ 8:33 PM
More options = better for the site, seems to me.
permalink   zotz Tue, Aug 19, 2008 @ 3:04 PM
Quote: GurdonarkMore options = better for the site, seems to me.

Speaking of options, no need to restrict the ccPlus game to NC works only. It is possible to pay for a license to use BY and BY-SA works outside of the license parameters.

all the best,