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New His Boy Elroy single with remixes...

permalink   Mon, Mar 17, 2008 @ 3:04 PM
Hey everyone - the first single from my EP “Light & Dark” is out now on Beatport. It features the original “Step Into the Light” as well as stellar remixes from Micah, The Emissary and Starfire, and one from myself as well. The Emissary and Starfire mix and the Micah mix are amazing, so check them out… My original and the Emissary and Starfire mix are breaks, while Micah’s mix and my “Dark” mix are both progressive house. Grab the release at Beatport or check out extended previews of the tracks on Protonโ€™s page. The single will be out on Amazon’s mp3 store and itunes in a couple weeks, but for the initial release it’s just beatport. BTW, the original “Light & Dark” ep is out on Amazon and itunes, so if you aren’t a DJ but want to check them out that’s a good place (plus they’re cheaper too!)