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... method. as soon as write down winning ones want ad in the direction of announced headed for liberated classified flyer, make sure t
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...your "how i did it" write-up, it looks like i threw you a few curved balls, but you've handled them admirably well. top job! [up][/u
review of 'heaven and hell' by 'colab' another beautiful story from you - both the write-up and the track. production is flawless an...
review of 'colab / no masks' by 'colab' hahah - thanks pm - both for the very nice write-up and the material / style you picked for this....
... a more descriptive write-up than "lkjlkj" to explain. :)
review of 'first breath' by 'colab' nice. both the music and the write-up about what led to this remix. the instrumentation is great ...
...your "how i did it" write-up. i initially thought that i might've liked to hear the oboe just a little louder, but upon repeat
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a history of electronic musical instruments! lays it down, with a write-up on each one. from 1870-1990. http://www.obsol...
...ere are a couple of write-ups on the concept:
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