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leapmeith (secret cubism mix) onlymeith's work shows great talent for atmosphere and arrangement, as well as versatility... i still don't...
back on it just thought i'd take this one to another space. showing once again the versatility of hip-hop. peace! ;)- ,media,remix,bpm... highlighting the versatility in kristin's voice. (hopefully) please post a comment and let me know which you prefer? (how man
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versatility_lozano versatility_lozano
...ation. by using the versatility of a dj with an arsenal of digital effects, he creates a unique fusion of orchestral dubstep, classi
..., is visibility and versatility. he been seen on several dvd's, and he recently has a role in a feature film, zombie prom. then ther
...s a master dj who's versatility allows him to integrate everything from hip-hop, electro, dubstep, pop, mash-up, funk/soul, reggae,
...miliar. his unusual versatility – alternately wielding instrumental etudes, heart-spearing ballads, and hypnotic acoustic-electron
...s on. known for his versatility and styles ranging from banging techno, to funky house, to aggressive drum and bass, to lounge and c
...u experience, great versatility and prestige. his musical styles and influences are diverse. they are an overwhelming mix of sounds
...onger tom dinchak's versatility to a level where they don't adhere to any particular style or scene. self-describing their music as
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...r testament to your versatility that you make this work so well.
...ratulations on your versatility. [up][/up][up][/up][up][/up]
... by your talent and versatility. how do you do it???? one of my fav tracks of this secret mixter undeniably -- unexpected turns that
... to experience your versatility as a guitarist and arranger. your guitars on this track are delicious -- just so well placed and pl
review of 'schizophrenia (detachmentmix)' by 'gurdonark' one of the many things i like about your music is the versatility you show in yo...
...s. really shows the versatility of a quality pella. your mix woke me up more than my coffee did. nice outro too! [up][/up]
... amaze me with your versatility. your mixes are top-top-top. thank you for remixing me! [up][/up]
...ened my mind to the versatility of metal. thank you for all of your kind words regarding my spoken word... and for making such grea
review of 'moon light' by 'medicisoundsystem' flaunting the versatility eh? i yield to your mastery.
review of 'no sleep' by 'mind map that!' your constant flow of music and versatility continue to amaze me... your musical additions com...
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...emonstration of the versatility of the ukulele. through the power of open collaboration made possible by, kara square a