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...all]and who will be tasked with clearing the field?[/small] [big][b][i][blue]:[/blue][/i][green])[/green][/b][/big] [up][/up][
...rom that is no easy task. you take us on a journey past the past, into the questions of our time, the disconnect of connectivity.
review of 'blue luna' by 'spinningmerkaba' drinking from a fire hydrant is a hard task. you did it! the velocity of source took shot yo...
...y since the current administration took over the blue sky is really a political agenda. lol
review of 'good intentions' by 'spinningmerkaba' i hear broadway style production this pell is asking for. who is up to the task? or ma...
...ret remix *and* the task i got assigned. unluckily, other biz just would not allow me to find the time to contribute anything adequa
...tion to keep you on task. well done! i need more stuff like this.
...ompelling. no easy task. it is a testament to your production talent. nice work!!!
review of 'power of the people' by 'apoxode' well driven, the music and spoken word reinforce one another. this is no easy task, as one m...
review of 'solar fractal' by 'gurdonark' i hope that your recovery is swift and complete. your devotion in finishing this task following...
review of 'howmany is toomany (remix 500)' by 'martijn de boer (nigid)' what a task you set yourself. great result [up][/up]
...nd racing and multi-tasking obsessions! im on sick leave for the last 10yrs! today its double sick leave! nice track ray rama compli