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after the winter a timeless piece of piano with orchestral backing. suggesting ageless landscapes, rivers and oceans with a sense of adve...
...te stevie smith for suggesting the title. ,music_identity,remix,media,non_commercial,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,vbr,male_vocals,female_voc
...board a few reviews suggesting that the levels were a bit to hot, particularly for the genre. i've now replaced the file with a no a, and thanks for suggesting improvements! media,remix,bpm_100_105,drums,electronic,loops,spoken_word,sampling_plus,audio,mp3,44k,
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...cuted afterward the suggesting general practitioner hath got reviewed the eyes' retort for the lenses then to help contact wear comm
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Found 10 total matches a serious topic, suggesting hope for the future.
...d make an atempt at suggesting something to improve the production it would be this: apart from the piano, the music is quite dense,
... :) he's also been suggesting we get together to do this sort of jam more often. glad to see that you were able to create such a v
...ts. not because i'm suggesting an obvious stealing from someone else but merely because of love of music. neil young, allright but a
...odder -- definitely suggesting road movie!
...whisper of my voice suggesting pulling it in. excellent! i am so glad that you are participating in the white cube remix project.
...emixes with quality suggesting weeks of work or composition...daunting and inspiring at the same time. also, thanks for introducing
...raw you in. i am suggesting that while works like this may look like a bit of madness, there's a lot more method that goes into t
...e song. i am not suggesting cut the singer out, but maybe i just think there is too much competition, the singer is very mellow,
...ll bad. but it kept suggesting something more powerful, which is wonderfully appropriate to the title. ;) *meow* p.s. i must s
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suggest a new mix what about suggesting a mix from the existing songs, something like (today random pick : remix user bla bla bla). a ...
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