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...tion and one of the operators, "nick", is upset and was lamenting earlier today. i have turned his lament into what you hear here.
operator operator is a soundscape that captures the body of mans daily experiences with telephones and the mysterious operators voice on ...
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spinoperator spinoperator
perthexc perthexc if you are having construction site in limited space, then perth excavators and mini digger operators provides a good f...
go1dfish go1dfish co-founder and chief software architect for artistech media operators of and ...
...mergency voices\att\operators\ church audio ministry,s\banks\on hold audio\doctors \hospitals and many more + more super star recor
...ut they are mainly "operators"; the dj channels the flux of information, models and recycles them. 1.without being able to be exhaus
souloperator souloperator artist. producer.songwriter.voicediver.yada yada.
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...e one of the layers(operators). it's probably too late to change but for future ref. try to find which op is making the noise and tu
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